Monday, March 16, 2015

Traveling Sketchbook

I saw a Pinterest pin the other day about a traveling sketchbook that piqued my curiosity.  A traveling sketchbook is a blank book, which is passed along from one person to another, each contributing something to book.   What each person writes or draws is personal and over time, the book takes on a personality all it's own.

I sent the Pinterest pin on to the media specialist Gabrielle Waters at the high school and what she did with the concept was amazing. So much so that the sketchbook hasn't sat on the shelf once since it's inception.

We are in the process of weeding our library collection and had several books sitting on the "take me home for free" table.  Ms. Waters got creative with several of the titles by altering the cover, writing some instructions about how to use the sketchbook, gluing them to the front cover and then adding the book to our media collection.  The book can now be checked out by any student or staff member in the school.

I checked it out over the weekend and had some fun with a contribution.  Even my grandson helped with the page.

The instructions for the Traveling Sketchbook are as follows:

What is a Traveling Sketchbook? A traveling sketchbook is a blank book, which will be checked out to various artists, they draw something and then check it back into the Media Center so it can be checked out to the next person. There will be artists of all levels, styles and backgrounds participating!   Each artist can have a one or two page spread to work with.

What can you put in this notebook? A masterpiece, a doodle page, typography, a collage, or most anything you choose.  Just keep it tasteful.

  1. Checkout The Traveling Sketchbook in the Media Center. It is now yours for the next 3 days!!
  2. Choose a page to do your Art, Sketch, Design, etc. (choose any media)
  3. Sign your art work
  4. Once you are finished, tell a friend that The Traveling Sketchbook is in the Media Center for them to check out next.
  5. Then PLEASE return book back in at the Media Center for others to checkout! (I want to keep track of who the amazing artists are and where the book travels)
  6. Once the books are completed they will be displayed in the Media Center. 
Rules and Guidelines: 
  1. Keep the traveling sketchbook for no more than a week
  2. Please respect others art, please no defacing or ruining artwork before yours 
  3. If possible try not to let your work bleed through to the next page if there is already art there. 
How much fun is this?