Administrative Workshops

  • Understanding iOS: Apps, The Cloud, and the world of iPad
  • Choose your tools: How to pick apps (and developers) you can trust
  • Core Workflow: Coordinating powerful apps for managing information, files, and tasks
  • Documenting classroom practice via Forms, Photos, & Video
  • Rapid text input using a Bluetooth keyboard, shortcut apps, and more
  • Managing Your Day & Maximizing Your Impact on Student Learning
  • Moving Forward with a 1:1 Initiative
  • District Documentation - User Agreements, Opt-In/Opt-Out

Educational Workshops for Teachers

Classroom Management

  • Classroom Design and Layout
    • Areas for:
      • Direct Instruction
      • Small Group Instruction
      • Collaborative Whiteboard
      • Quiet Spaces
  • 1:1 and Student Behaviors
  • Responsible Use
  • The First Week of School
    • November's Digital Learning Farm Jobs
  • Sandboxing
  • Patience

Content Creation

  • Apps for Content Creation
  • iBooks Author

Constructing an Online Learning Community

  • Platforms

    • Wikispaces/Blog
    • Moodle/Blackboard
    • Edmodo
    • iTunes

Digital Backpacks

  • Choosing Apps with Intent
    • Smackdowns
    • CITW
  • Course Management Systems
    • Wikispaces
    • Moodle/Blackboard
    • Edmodo
    • iTunes
  • Web Based Tools on the iPad
  • Accessing Excellent Content on the Internet
  • Social Networking

District Documentation

  • iPad User Agreements
  • AUP
  • Community Connections

Information Management

  • Email Management in 1:1
  • Accountability
  • Evernote/Dropbox
  • YouTube Uploads
  • Student Portfolios

iPad Navigation

  • Basic Tips and Tricks
  • Top Ten Troublshooting Tricks
  • Building iPad Fluency

Moving Forward with a 1:1 Initiative

Technology Integration

  • 4 Cs: Communication, Collaboration, Creativity and Critical Thinking
  • SAMR Model
    • Moving past substitute and toward transformation of learning
  • Technology Integration Matrix and Observation Tool

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