Sunday, May 3, 2009

Book Glutton

Every now and then you come across a website that might revolutionize the way someone thinks regarding the teaching of reading. Book Glutton did just that for me last week when it was shared in one of my Diigo groups.

Book Glutton (it's free, by the way) hosts a range of book titles from all genres online. How many times have you wished students could write comments or notes directly in a textbook? Book Glutton allows for the user to leave comments and view other comments easily. Immediately I began to imagine the classroom possibilities. Students could join a class reading group and host book chats while they read. This website puts a new twist on the meaning of literature circles and could just about be my all time favorite Web 2.0 site, at least for today.

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  1. Lisette- Thanks so much for posting this. Book Glutton is amazing. This could really revolutionize how some books are taught. Could you imagine how students and teachers could use this? I sent it to Matt. Thanks!