Saturday, December 5, 2009

Tech Tuesday - Webquests in the Classroom

This week in Tech Tuesday we'll spend some time talking about Webquests and how webquests may be incorporated into core curriculum.
In a nutshell, a webquest is an inquiry-oriented online learning tool.  They can last one class period or one month becasue the duration is set by the teacher.  Bernie Dodge is a leader in webquest design and we'll spend some time on Tuesday navigating through the Bernie Dodge Webquest website.

That's all Tech Tuesday is - 20 minutes of spending time with technology.

In case you aren't able to attend - Here are a few excellent starting points that allow easy searching for webquests applicable to curriculum.

Tate Online:
General Info:
Science -
Math (other subjects too) -
Social Studies -
Language Arts -
Music and Arts -
Foreign Language -
Physical Education/Health -

And Lastly - a google wonderwheel search for webquests provided these results -

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