Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Google Forms

Tech Tuesday was spent investigating Google Forms and the possibilities this piece of Google Docs offers to educators in a classroom setting, particularly pre/post testing.  But really, what I like about Google Forms the best is the ability to capture student thinking in the learning process.

The format of Forms is clean and simple, once you understand the main features. 
For instructions on how to use Google Forms visit the iPads Wiki.

Within minutes a teacher is capable of creating a form to analyze the following:
  • Pre/Post assess student knowledge of an essential learning, topic or unit of study
  • Collect information (Survey)
  • Evaluations of all types (Self/Student/Lesson/Unit/Course)
  • Quick Evaluation for student presentations (teacher fills out while student is presenting)
There are also ready-made public templates covering a wide range of document and report types to help jump-start the process.  These templates are a great place to gather ideas for Google Forms.

A teacher may email the form to students or embed the form into a wiki or blog easily. 

Google Forms offers seven different question types to choose from and response summaries may be viewed in spreadsheet form or in a graphic display.

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