Friday, July 13, 2012

ISTE CEO Don Knezik

We heard a few words from ISTE's current CEO Don Knezik prior to stepping down after 10 years at the helm. Below in bold are the most important lessons learned as the CEO of an organization with 20,000+ members followed by my thoughts in italics.

World class teachers and principals are the most critical inputs to a world class education

Excellence breeds excellence. Higher the best.

Education policy backed by leadership and incentive funding is a game changer

Strong leadership is a must no matter where you are.


Accountability based on needs of previous generations doesnt prepare our learners for the future

Times change and we must be confident and clear about communicating the direction our organizations are headed towards. This paves the road of change.


The most important lessons to be learned are not only inside the four walls of a classroom

Learning has no boundaries and we must begin to recognize and value the learning that is taking place outside of the school building and day.


When organizations collaborate kids win

We are stronger together than we are alone no matter if we are collaborator or competitor.

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